• All persons using a tanning device in this facility must provide proof of and use protective eyewear. If eye protection is not worn, use of a tanning device in this tanning facility may cause damage or long-term injury to the eyes.
  • Persons tanning in this facility must wait 24 hours between tanning sessions, due to State Law.
  • Avoid too frequent or lengthy exposure. As with natural sunlight, exposure to a sunlamp may cause eye and skin injury, sunburn and allergic reactions. Overexposure to the ultraviolet radiation produced by a tanning device in this tanning facility may cause burns.
  • Exposure to the ultraviolet radiation produced by a tanning device in this tanning facility may cause premature aging of the skin and skin cancer.
  • Abnormal or increased skin sensitivity or burning may be caused by certain foods, medications including, but not limited to tranquilizers, diuretics, antibiotics, high blood pressure medication, birth control pills, skin creams, cosmetics or toiletries. Consult a physician or pharmacist before using a sunlamp if you are using prescription or non-prescription medications, have a history of skin problems, or believe yourself especially sensitive to sunlight.
  • Due to acrylic damages caused by inferior products, I understand I am permitted to use only lotions purchased inside the salon. I further understand I may be asked to display my tanning products for approval prior to my tanning session.
  • Ultraviolet radiation from sunlamps enhances the effects of the sun. Do not sunbathe before or after exposure to ultraviolet radiation.
  • If you do not tan in the sun you are unlikely to tan from the use of this product.
  • Use of a tanning device may not provide a protective base in regards to sun exposure.
  • Tanning sessions/memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable. Rooms are limited to one occupant per session.
  • Per Indiana Tanning, all customers under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign their waiver. No one under the age of 16 is allowed to use a UV bed.
  • Sunless sessions are available via our VersaSpa spray booth. A full list of policies, pre-and post care instructions are available upon request.
  • By following these policies, we hope to ensure a safe and enjoyable tanning experience for all of our customers. 


  • Shave with our tan-extending shave lotion
  • Remove any makeup before tanning
  • Always use a salon-quality tanning lotion
  • Bed hop! Switch up the UV level you are tanning in
  • Use a tan-extender after your UV session and at home daily
  • Exfoliate at least once a week and use salon-quality body wash

reasons your tan isn't lasting:

your skin is dry

non-exfoliated skin

no aftercare routine

not using salon-quality tanning lotion

frequently shaving

you didn't remove makeup


  • Take a shower and shave before getting your spray tan
  • Exfoliate your skin
  • Come to the salon with clean skin - no lotion, moisturizer, soaps, or deodorant
  • Do not wear any makeup
  • Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing

reasons your SPRAY tan isn't lasting:

your skin is dry

non-exfoliated skin

taking long, hot showers

using harsh soaps

frequently shaving

tight-fitting clothing

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